Real Estate Options In Surrey

Surrey is one of the most popular destinations for families looking to buy houses in the Greater Toronto Area. Few neighborhoods are more sought after than in Surrey, which is one of the most exclusive areas in Surrey. If you're looking for a house in Surrey, this article should help you decide if you need to put Surrey real estate on your want list for your realtor.

Surrey is a very insular community. Its roads are narrow, winding, and infused with dead ends, the goal of which is to discourage through traffic. Homeowners in Surrey are also responsible collectively for the upkeep of the roads as well as the area's park system, which includes forests, a beach, and plenty of walking trails. Residents in Surrey have close ties to their community and the lack of traffic makes it a very safe place to raise children, which is why the neighborhood is so popular with families.

When considering a move to Surrey, the question is not whether it's an appropriate area for your family to live - most people agree that it's pretty close to perfect. The issue for most people is that it's also a very expensive place to buy property. Available properties are overwhelmingly detached single family houses, though there are a few condos and town houses. Low end prices for homes in Surrey hover around $350,000 and top out at over $4 million. The average asking price is closer to $1.5 million.

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