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Buying homes in Georgetown is much cheaper than buying homes for sale in Toronto while at the same time adding only about 30 minutes to an hour to your commute to work. For this reason, Georgetown has exploded in popularity among GTA home buyers. If you want to get a good home at a great price, you would be well advised to hire a real estate agent who knew what he or she was talking about. Here are more tips on finding and buying real estate in Georgetown.

Do Your Research

Before you even start looking at homes in Georgetown neighborhoods, you should make sure you're familiar with the current market price in Georgetown as well as the various neighborhoods that would and would not be acceptable to you. Much of this can be done in conjunction with the real estate agent you hire, but it's never a bad idea to do a little Googling of your own to get a ballpark idea of what homes cost and what the best neighborhoods to live in are.

Hire the Right Agent

If you want to get a great deal, it's not enough to hire a real estate agent. You have to hire the right real estate agent. Choose someone with a good track record of helping clients buy and sell homes in a timely manner. You're also looking for someone you trust, who you feel has your best interests in mind and will fight for you in a negotiation. And finally, you're looking for an agent who has enough time in his or her schedule to return your calls and schedule meetings in a timely manner (i.e. within a day or two).

Shop Around for Mortgages

One thing Georgetown real estate brokers do not do for you is get you mortgage approval, so that you will have to look after on your own. To get a good deal, consult with several different banks to see what is the best rate you can get. If you don't have time for that, you can always hire a mortgage broker to match you up with the best mortgage product for you. Pre-approval (i.e. ballpark approval before you've chosen a house) will help open more doors to you when you're shopping for homes.

Remember Due Diligence

Your real estate agent will handle the intricate details like negotiations, offer contracts, and closing paperwork, but don't forget to do your due diligence when it comes to investigating the suitability of the house. Get your home inspection done. Get the surveyors in to make sure the property lines are where the previous owner says they are. Get everything in writing so that if any problems come up, you're covered.

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