Good Reasons To Consider Danforth Real Estate

When you live in the Greater Toronto Area you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a place to buy your next home. Do you want to sacrifice floor space for convenience and live in downtown Toronto or do you want to get the most home for your money in exchange for a longer drive to work? If the second option sounds more like you, Danforth, Ontario is one of the many towns you should consider looking into. You can learn more about Danforth and the houses you might find for sale there in this article.

Danforth is an idea destination for people who are looking to live in a community with a separate identity - somewhere that isn't just a suburb. Thus far the town has escaped the population boom that has come with Toronto's expansion - the entire incorporated town district still has only about 24,000 people in it, most of whom trace their roots to early settlers from European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The town does have a stop on the GO route but the drive between Danforth and Toronto, which takes about 1 hour in ideal conditions, balloons to over two hours when rush hour traffic is factored in.

If you can find a job far enough north to make Danforth homes for sale a possibility for your family, you can rent a very nice house for about $1,500 per month while you search for the right property. Good sized houses with 3 bedrooms can be had for as little as $350,000. There are plenty of lots still available if you want to build your own as well as farms to be had for as little as $1.3 million.

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